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Mia Bella Spring Scents!

Mia Bella Candles Spring Scents!

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Mia Bella Candles Spring Scents

Spring has finally sprung! As we enter the season of new beginnings, you might want to consider a fragrance refresh! Spring is a far cry from the cold, sleeping winter. Adjust your fragrance in your home to suit your spring mood.

Do you like floral or garden scents? Clean scents? How about Fruity?

Bamboo Rain

Blueberry Muffin


Fresh Laundry


Ginger Lime

Lavender Chamomile

Lemongrass & Vanilla


Neroli Blossom

Orange Blossoms

Rose Garden

Sandalwood & Vanilla


Sweet Pea

Check out some of our amazing fragrances below along with the candle notes. Candle Notes below.

What are candle notes?

Why Mia Bella’s Scent Sations gourmet candles? Because our Mia Bella’s are made with palm wax, it means our candles are NOT made of paraffin. In other words, paraffin wax really is petroleum oil. Petroleum oil is what causes that black soot around your jars, on walls, carpets and even your lungs! If you have used candles that produce that black soot, we have a much cleaner alternative for you.

Therefore, our Mia Bella’s are clean burning and practically soot free. I have used many different candles over the years and our Mia Bella’s, by far, are the very best candles on the market! I won’t use another candle besides Mia Bella’s candles.

Mia Bella’s Product Information

Mia Bella Candles Product information

I would love to share our Mia Bella Product Information

Be sure to watch the video below!

Mia Bella Scent Sations Product Information

Product Information

Going Green” has become a prominent phrase for many companies. It is also a conscious choice for many families. Our company is doing its part too! For instance, take our exploding “Going Green” natural product lines & wrap them up into one dynamic business. You have a company helping people enjoy life’s pleasures in a whole new healthier way!

In addition, we have 100% cotton wicks in all of our candles.

Company Overview

Go green with Mia Bella candles

Going Green Never Looked or Smelled So Good!

For instance, Mia Bella’s candles embody the combination of green technology waxes. They have the highest quality fragrances, and hand poured quality control. This produces the best product a candle lover can buy. A $20 Mia Bella’s candle is often better than candles that cost $50 or more. Therefore, Mia Bella’s consumers get full value for their dollars spent.

Above all, Mia Bella’s candles are made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients that offer consumers a high-end performing candle/melt but at an affordable cost.

Why Mia Bella Candles? (Watch this video!)

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Our products are made from natural palm wax!

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