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Why do we have the most incredible candles out there on the market?

I have used natural wax candles & melts in my home and office for many years. I have now used Mia Bella’s for the last 11 years. No others can compare. They are the best scented candles I have ever used. I have never burned a candle that is so clean, without all that black soot on the jars. The scents are remarkable.

Mia Bella candles / Scent Sations has been in business for 20 years now and growing strong!

Go GREEN with Mia Bella!

We have 100% cotton wicks. No need to trim our wicks at all. Our products are made from all natural palm wax. You will NOT see a candle burn cleaner. They also have safety wick tabs meaning once the it burns down to about 1/4 inch, the flame will be put out. That way the jar doesn’t burn too hot at the end of the burn and crack. It will extinguish all on it’s own for safety.

The scents are true. When you light a Hot Apple Pie candle, you are back in the kitchen smelling the incredible aroma of an apple pie baking in the oven. The scents are so realistic. When I light the Lilac candle, it brings me back to the home I grow up in and the Lilac bush near the living room window with scent flowing through our house. Such a pleasure to burn and reminiscence.

Why use candles?

Creating an ambience of pure pleasure is the result of lighting any Mia Bella’s candle and wrapping yourself with a beautiful, earth friendly fragrance experience. Our fragrances are so rich your senses will think they are experiencing the real thing. Plus, our clean burning natural wax makes it a perfect candle for any environmentally conscious lifestyle. “Going Green” never smelled so good!

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Look at how clean our jars are while burning our Mia Bella’s!

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