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Why Mia Bella’s Scent Sations gourmet candles?

Because our Mia Bella’s are made with palm wax, it means our candles are NOT made of paraffin. In other words, paraffin wax really is petroleum oil. Petroleum oil is what causes that black soot around your jars, on walls, carpets and even your lungs! If you have used candles that produce that black soot, we have a much cleaner alternative for you.

Therefore, our Mia Bella’s are clean burning and practically soot free. We have used many different candles over the years and our Mia Bella’s, by far, are the very best candles on the market! I won’t use another candle besides Mia Bella’s candles in my home. I am hooked!

What type of products do we have?

Mia Bella candles offers the traditional natural wax, wicked candle, but we also offer the popular flameless collection as an alternative as well which are our Mia Melts (wax melts for your warmers). This gives you the exceptionally pleasing fragrances of a scented candle, but without any flame. Our Mia Melts smell amazing and you can use them in any warmer.

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