Scent Saver – Candle Club!

Scent Saver – Mia Bella’s Candle Club!

Receive your candles at a great discount TODAY by joining our Mia Bella Scent Saver Candle Club! 

A subscription program where YOU pick the SCENTS, YOU pick the FREQUENCY of delivery, you can change it up or cancel whenever you want! AND they come straight to your door! (Two 16oz candles at a time.) Woohoo! Who wants to know more?

Mia Bella's Scent Saver

Why be in the Scent Saver Club?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to save money on your candles? How does 20% savings sound?

You can also setup the subscription for gift giving! Perfect for Home, Office or Gifting!

Ready to ignite savings while indulging in your favorite fragrances? Look no further! With our Scent $aver program, you can save 20% on our all-natural palm wax candles effortlessly!
Here’s how it works:
🕯️ Choose two 16oz jar candles in your favorite scents.
🔄 Customize your shipment frequency from weekly to every 13 weeks!
💻 Manage your account seamlessly through our user-friendly online portal.
🎁 Share the aromatic joy with loved ones through gift subscriptions.
🌟 Plus, enjoy our Fragrance of the Month selection every month!
Join our community of savvy scent-lovers today and unlock exclusive savings with Mia Bella’s Scent $aver program! Subscribe now and embrace the essence of luxury at a fraction of the cost.
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