What are our Mia Bella’s made of?

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Going Green Never Looked or Smelled So Good!

What are our Mia Bella’s made of? They are palm wax candles. “Going Green” has become a prominent phrase for many companies, and a conscious choice for many families. Our company is doing its part too! For instance, take our exploding “Going Green” natural product lines & wrap them up into one dynamic business. You have a company helping people enjoy life’s pleasures in a whole new healthier way!

100% cotton wicks in all our candles. 

Our products are made from natural palm wax!

The Story of Palm Wax

Creating an ambience of pure pleasure is the result of lighting any Mia Bella’s candle and wrapping yourself with a beautiful earth friendly fragrance experience. In other words, our fragrances are so rich your senses will think they are experiencing the real thing. Plus, our clean burning natural wax makes it a perfect candle for any environmentally conscious lifestyle. “Going Green” never smelled so good!


To understand why natural waxes such that of palm is the way to go, let’s look at the irrefutable facts.  All articles do tell how eco-friendly palm oil plants are regarding how they are planted, harvested, and refined. The plants are farmed in agricultural designated lands that were left fallow due to the harvesting of exotic tropical woods like rubber. Also high standards have been set by the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil  for Malaysia) and the MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) set to protect the endangered animals with the help of the WWF in the area of these plantations, environmentally safe farming practices that do not danger the land and natives who live nearby, etc.

The harvest of the palm oil does not affect the trees. The palm oil trees are left to grow for over 25 years while only the fruit bunches are harvested by hand with sharp hook type tools. Then the fruit is transported to refineries where the fruit is pressed, steamed and spun in centrifuges to separated husks and extract the oils – no harsh chemicals are needed to refine the oil, just water in the form of steam is needed.  Byproducts like the husks are reused and turned either into electricity or turned into pulp to make paper and mulch.


Why are Mia Bella candles are the BEST! 

Above all, with Scent-Sations “Going Green” never looked, smelled or felt so good!!!

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