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Clean burning Mia Bella Candles!

1. The Product: Mia Bella Natural Wax Candles:

Because our Mia Bella Candles are made with palm wax, it means our candles are NOT made of paraffin. In other words, paraffin wax really is petroleum oil. Petroleum oil is what causes that black soot around your jars, on walls, carpets and even your lungs! 

Therefore, our Mia Bella candles are clean burning and soot free! I have used many candles over the years and these Mia Bella’s, by far, are the very best candles on the market today. 

What are our Mia Bella products made from?

In addition, we also have a new line of candles called Free Spirit made from palm wax and hemp oil!  Hence, these candles are absolutely amazing and we are supporting our American Farmers.

The BEST candles!

As a result, our Mia Bella natural wax candles burn even, CLEANER, virtually soot-free.

  • Candles are a product people really want and already buy
  • Candles/melts are burned in 8 out of 10 homes in the U.S.
  • 67% use candles at least once a week
  • Highly consumable because candles burn up over time
  • Candles are nearly a $3 billion dollar industry
  • Clean burning alternative natural wax — certainly a new trend in an already well established market.
  • Purchases are being made over and over again by people who have no interest in the business opportunity, they simply want the best gourmet candles money can buy                               
  • One of the highest retail profit margins ever offered — nearly 100% markup on our candle line
  • No need to educate the consumer on how to use a candle
  • Most importantly, Simple ‘Smell and Sell’ demonstration will put money in your pocket today!  

Why use candles?

2. The Company:

First of all, you want to base your family’s future on a company that has has established itself as one of stability and integrity.  Mia Bella Candles – Scent-Sations, Inc. has been in business since 2002 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Finished our nineteenth year in business as a strong and stable company with record growth
  • Debt-free company with an excellent credit rating
  • Growing at a rate of 45-50% a year
  • Company ownership consists of experienced master candle makers and highly successful network marketers
  • Management team allows for great flexibility and diversity by offering the ability and choice to earn money by Retailing, Fundraising, Developing Vendors and/or Team Building
  • Also allows for more choice by offering you the ability to market any and all of our lucrative product lines  

Meet our CEO, Bobby Scocozzo and take a short tour of our company!

Mia Bella Candles Company Tour


3. Can You Make Money With Candles?  Do People Really Buy Candles?

Would you like to get great discounts on our amazing Mia Bella candles for your own personal use?

How about spending more time with family and make more money earning from home?

Are you tired of working long hours?

Do you want to be in charge of your career options?

Are you wanting to get out of debt?

Have a flexible schedule?

Could you be looking for an affordable home business that fits into the family budget?

Looking for immediate income or a new career?

Join me here!

Mia Bella Candles – Scent-Sations, Inc. is a solid company with unique, consumable product lines. In addition, we have a low cost of entry into a trend toward healthier alternatives.

did_you_know_candle_facts (1)

As a result, now you know….YES!  People DO buy candles!

Firstly, how many people do you know right now who burn scented candles in their home and work places?

Secondly, do you think they are aware that there is a healthier, cleaner burning alternative candle?

Mia Bella candles has triple scented, gourmet candles made of natural Palm wax.  Therefore, this proprietary wax burns evenly, is non-toxic, is practically soot free, and cleans up with hot soapy water.

Therefore, we simply share this good news with others!

We have a sophisticated way of introducing our Mia Bella gourmet products and business opportunity through FOUR distinct and flexible means of making money with candles.

Scent-Sations realizes that in order for you to be successful, you need to have options that work for YOU!

For instance, below are the FOUR different ways of making making money with our Mia Bella candles. Click on each one for information.

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Qualified Vendor>>>>>

4. What does it cost to get started as a Mia Bella Candles – Scent Sations Distributor?

First of all, to build an incredible Mia Bella candle business with a good income, it’s always best to have products in hand to show and sell.  Furthermore, we have three programs to choose from.

The Internet Distributor Program, Associate Program, & our Autoship Program.  

The highest discounts and profit is through our Autoship program.  For instance, the Autoship program discounts are 40%-50% whereas the Associate Program discounts are 20%-25%. We have 2 Getting Started Packages to choose from in this program. Both Starter Kits include Mia Bella products and your own personalized Scent-Team website. Regardless of which getting started package you choose, you can go online and order any amount of additional product at any time at the below-wholesale cost. Most people who join as a distributor with us come in the Autoship program for the highest discounts. Higher discounts means more money in your pocket!

Register as a Mia Bella Distributor here!

Special Gift in September from me for new distributors signing up in the Autoship Program!

Also, any sales that come through your website, you will earn a 20% commission. As an Autoship Distributor, you will earn anywhere from 40%-50% profit on your face to face sales! 

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Maybe you are ready to start making money with Mia Bella Gourmet Candles? Seems like a good fit for you? I will get your questions answered!

Scent-Sations, Inc. Mission:   “To provide an opportunity for a better life through unique, high-quality products, excellent compensation and business integrity.”


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