Mia Bella’s Fundraising

Mia Bella fundraiser

Mia Bella’s candles fundraising is a wonderful idea to help groups and organizations earn extra profit!

Budgets are constantly being cut, and there are hundreds of thousands of organizations across the country looking for ways to earn more money every year.  Therefore, our Mia Bella candles is a great avenue for putting money in their pockets! 

I love to show groups and organizations a fundraiser using our healthy alternative gourmet candles.

Fundraising Guide

The process of setting up a fundraiser is simple.

I will provide the group with the necessary papers, which include the Fundraising forms, a letter from myself if someone might have questions, and also a money envelope. The fundraiser will run about 2 weeks. Once it closes, the group would keep the $8 profit per candle up front, have a check made to myself, and then I would order the products. Locally, I normally have them shipped to myself so I can sort out by the seller to make it easier for the group. I would then deliver the candles to the location at a specified time. 

Why use Mia Bella candles?

 Fundraising with Mia Bella candles for groups & individuals

 Mia Bella’s Candles Fundraising Brochures

This type of fundraiser is similar to what you’re used to seeing… participants show the brochure to their friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. At the end of the allotted time, the organization pays you the agreed upon amount and you place the order. The average price of our candles for the fundraising program is a flat $25. Pretty simple! The profit to the group is $8 per candle sold & you keep that profit upfront!


Groups That Can Benefit from Fundraising With Mia Bella Candles:

Dance Studio

Little League Baseball Teams

Animal Shelters and SPCA Organizations

Animal Rescue Groups

A friend with Medical Needs

Music Programs

Church and Mission Groups

Hope for the Cure

Wounded Warriors Project

The Wildlife Conservation Society

Senior Citizen Groups and Organizations

School Clubs – Band / Glee / Cheerleading / Chess / Theater etc.

Day Care Centers

Motorcycle Clubs

Any Group/Individual, or Organization that needs to raise money

Mia Bella candles fundraiser




Retailing our Mia Bella Candles!