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I will also be sending you informational emails on the Mia Bella candle products and the business opportunity along with mailing a packet with a scent burst. Let’s get all your questions answered and see if this is something for YOU too!

Our candles are made from natural palm wax and burn clean without all the black soot on the jars.

We have both men and women working this business and making a nice part time income with us! I am looking for people that want to better their lives and are entrepreneurial minded. People that have a strong drive and desire to succeed and get ahead. I am here to help you, answer questions, no pressure. No quota’s. It’s YOUR business and you work it when and how you would like.

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Our company is growing, we are making money, having fun, and who DOESN’T love beautiful scents? Most people do! Low startup, no quotas, no requirements, full training and support. Great discounts (44%-49%) on products for your own personal use also.

What you can accomplish with a Mia Bella’s candle business… pay a car payment, plan a family vacation, save for college, start a retirement account, pay down credit cards, or just some extra money for something really crazy that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Scent-Sations / Mia Bella’s candles is perfect for anyone! Some people join just to save money on product purchases. Some join to make a little extra money each month while others are looking for a new, exciting career where they can be their own boss and have unlimited potential!

You are in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself. There is never any pressure to do more. We are all here to have fun, make some extra income, and use our amazing candles ourselves!

Scent-Sations is the little company where you can dream BIG dreams. We invite you to join us…you wont regret that decision for a single day of your life!

I will be happy to get all your questions answered and see if Mia Bella is the right fit for you too.

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