Team Building

What is Team Building?

I LOVE sharing this incredible business with others and helping them become successful too!

Team Building is simply introducing others to Mia Bella Gourmet Candles and helping them get started in their own business too. Mia Bella distributors may choose to sell product, help organizations do fundraising, and/or build a team. For instance, maybe they just want to purchase products at wholesale for their own personal use. Either way, every time they make a purchase, you get paid a commission on that purchase. In other words, much like a real estate broker gets paid a commission when their realtors make a sale.

It IS NOT bugging, harassing or chasing your family and friends.  Above all, I am not in this business to just ‘make money off of others.’ Sure, I am in this business to earn an income, but more importantly, I am in this business to teach, train, mentor, and help others earn income from home also.  When we teach others who are like ourselves, who love the Mia Bella candle products, our monthly incomes increase.

And by just investing 2-10 hours a week for 2-4 years you could be earning a very nice income. This income will continue to pay you month after month for work you did one time. This is residual income that keeps building over time. In other words, I call this “Mailbox Money” – or money that continues to come to your mailbox whether you’re home working or at the beach.

Statistics show that 96% of people who stay consistent in inviting others to look at their opportunity will reach the level of success and income they desire.

When we retail the products, it’s Smell and Sell.  If you show the candles, customers will buy. 



In addition, when we are sharing the Mia Bella business opportunity with others, we don’t beg or try to sell anyone on it.  I only want partners who WANT to be in this business, who love candles as much as I do, and are excited to start a business of their own. Those who are talked into starting a business never make money and eventually quit.  Wasting their time and yours.

Handing out the scent samples along with your business card creates interest and will bring others into the business as customers and business partners.

Remember, we can earn money four ways with Scent-Sations 

For instance, retailing, fundraising, setting up small businesses, and team building. BUT each is OPTIONAL.

It’s your choice to build a team of partners or not to pursue this area of the business. It is YOUR business and totally up to you. 

You will be surprised as to how many people will COME TO YOU, asking to join your business. Even if you have NO plans to build a team.  I can’t tell you the number of times this has happened by giving a gift, or someone seeing the web decal on my car, or someone buying our gourmet products at a vendor show.  And if you are concerned that you won’t be able to teach those eager to build their own business, DON’T WORRY!  That’s what WE are here for – to support and teach ALL members of our team. My team has a wonderful system in place to help you in every aspect of the business that you would like to pursue.

Check out this pie chart below on where most of my sponsor’s income comes from.

Why would you want to build a team?

Simply put, more income without putting in MORE hours and even better, helping others do the same! 

In this profession, one of the benefits is getting paid on referrals!  If you refer even just one person to Scent-Sations, you get paid for that.  You get paid for every person that you sponsor.

I know you already refer people to things you’ve found to have value, don’t you!  If you see a great movie, you tell all your friends to go see it as well.  Do you love the new restaurant that opened up last week? You’ll share that with the people you know (and sometimes people you don’t). You’re in the referral business already!


Your next step would be to teach those who you refer to Scent-Sations to refer people they know to Scent-Sations, and you get paid for those referrals as well.

Showing others the business opportunity can mean freedom — residual income that builds over time as your team grows. Sponsoring new distributors will create TIME freedom from the ‘rat race’ of a day to day job! We have wonderful tools you can share with someone interested in receiving more information. Just point them to the video or link & have them see what it’s all about! You don’t have to do all the talking… let the tools do the work FOR you.

The concept of residual income has been used in the entertainment (royalty payments) and insurance industries for years.  For instance, an agent sells a policy once and continues to get paid each time the policy renews.  Residual income is just about getting paid again and again on your initial efforts.

Speaking of Income

Take a look at the Compensation Plan. It is easy to understand and simple to explain. It is well balanced and lucrative.

  • FAIR — this UNILEVEL Plan rewards the “right” behaviors 
  • Places strong emphasis on “retail” (not found in most plans)
  • Has unlimited “width” — and goes down 7 levels in “depth”
  • A unique and generous car bonus at the Leadership level 

However, reality is that most people do not view themselves as salespeople. Here at Scent-Sations that is GOOD news, because a person does not have to be good at sales to be successful. Most people use candles and melts in their homes and love them! Candles are a highly consumable product that most people do use.

Above all, at Scent-Sations we believe in TEACHING, not selling. ANYONE can do well here if they are open to learning, plugging into the system, and following the steps of our Light Your Dream team. We have fantastic support and training on every aspect of our business.

Remember, while building a team is the simplest, most proven way to create that “Mailbox Money” we talked about, there are several others ways. You can earn WHILE your team is growing through retailing our Mia Bella products yourself. To make the most amount of income in your business, you must retail the products and build a team of partners.

It’s all up to you!

If it’s your choice to build a team, we have the proper training in place to see to it that you have success.

In addition, as a team, our main focus is ongoing education and training on our business and the products we offer. But more importantly, we offer encouraging, ongoing personal development. How we develop as individuals is the most important ingredient to success.

“I was one that originally came into the company with the idea that I would strictly retail. Mostly because of all the failed attempts I had experienced in other MLM businesses. I was pretty much convinced that success with building a large organization was just not possible for the average person like myself.  My sponsor promised that team building was totally optional. Once I began seeing people come to me ASKING to join my business, I had to take another look. In addition, I was able to easily plug into the System this team has developed and now have become one of the most successful team builders in the entire company – all because of the simplicity of the tools this team provides.”
– Cathy M., MN

Are you ready to get started building your own team of Mia Bella distributors?  

Alison Boers – Mia Bella Distributor