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Love gourmet candles & melts?  You will LOVE our Mia Bella’s. Come join me as a Mia Bella candle distributor too!

Work from home, no quotas, no home parties, several ways to earn!

You will have full training and support. You are in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself.

Company Overview

Team Benefits – Why Partner with the Light Your Dream Team of Mia Bella Candles

The Light Your Dream Team is one of the fastest growing and most successful teams in Scent-Sations, Inc. Why? Many people who join our team have said that they did their research and they can tell we are different.

We aren’t gonna talk you into anything, there’s no pressure from us. We understand your need to make the right decision for you and your family at the right time. It’s not about us  it’s about you and what you need in your life.

But it is about what we can OFFER YOU in partnership with us. My partners and I have developed exclusive Light Your Dream Team business tools that give the inexperienced business owner the chance to hit the ground running. There’s NO trial and error  just plug in. And for professional network marketers, isn’t that what it is all about  easy duplication for your downline.

People also tell us it’s about the support and training they receive as a member of the Light Your Dream Team. This is apparent from the very beginning. In other words, even before you make a commitment, I’ll make a commitment to YOU. 

First of all, to build an incredible Mia Bella candle distributor business with a good income, it’s always best to have products in hand to show and sell.  Furthermore, we have two programs to choose from.

The Associate Program & our Autoship Program.  

Scent-Sations offers 3 Getting Started Packages for our Autoship Program

Learn more on the different options here!

So the highest discounts and profit is through our Autoship program.  For that reason, the discounts are 40%-50%. We have 3 Getting Started Packages. Starter Kits ($59.95 or $99.95) include Mia Bella products and your own personalized Scent-Team website. Regardless of which getting started package you choose, you can go online and order any amount of additional product at any time at the below-wholesale cost.

In addition, some distributors join to just receive amazing products at a very good discount. Some distributors join to retail the products, earn some extra income from home, and receive discounted products for their own personal use. It’s totally up to you!

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Let me know of any questions that you have!

Alison Boers

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