There’s no faster way to create an income in this business than retailing our Mia Bella products!

Most importantly, who do you know burns Scented Candles? MOST people burn candles and/or use melts in their homes!

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The process of retailing our Mia Bella products is so simple. Since most people already buy scented candles and many of the other products available, they will be open to at least look at what you have to offer. After that, once you let them smell the gourmet candle and browse your product catalogs, you are assured a sale!

With Retailing our Mia Bella products, a simple “show and smell” demonstration will put money in your pocket!

“When my sponsor told me that this was a “smell and sell” business I thought she was joking. But then I got a booth at a craft fair and it was true! All I did was open the jar and asked people if they liked to burn candles. Once they smelled the candle they had to have their own. It really IS a “smell and sell” business.
– Kimberli Ann C, MN

Regardless of which Getting Started Package you begin with you can be in profit right away upon becoming a distributor — unless you hide all the products in a closet and don’t let anyone know you have it!

Be sure to visit my Company Website to see and learn more about the variety of products you’ll have available to you as a distributor, as well as the full scent list the candles and melts are offered in.

Options of Retailing

Lifestyling this business is so simple with our Mia Bella products.

Above all, since the core product is a candle, the technique of just smelling and selling works for virtually everyone!

Scent samples are a valuable marketing tool. Take a scent sample, add a label with the scent you selected, attach the bag to one of your business cards, catalogs or brochures, and hand them out as you run your errands and go about your life!

For instance, when you stop by the grocery store, the bank, dry cleaners or even when taking the family out to eat, always have scent samples with you and ask those you meet, “Do you burn scented candles?”

Be prepared, most don’t say yes. Most will reply with a “YES! I love candles” Then, you just hand them a sample attached to one of your business cards or catalogs. It’s that simple!

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How much money can you make from retailing our Mia Bella products?

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