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Go Green with Mia Bella candles

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The BEST Candles & Melts!

16 oz Jar Candles

Mia Melts

At Scent-Sations, Inc. we work diligently to ensure our customers get the best candle experience that money can buy!

  • High quality, long lasting candles & melts.
  • Clean burning, exceptional fragrance from the top all the way to the bottom of the jars.

Creating an ambience of pure pleasure is the result of lighting any Mia Bella’s candle and wrapping yourself with a beautiful earth friendly fragrance experience. Our fragrances are so rich your senses will think they are experiencing the real thing. Plus, our clean burning natural wax makes it a perfect candle for any environmentally conscious lifestyle. “Going Green” never smelled so good!

For instance, Mia Bella’s candles embody the combination of green technology waxes, highest quality fragrances, and hand poured quality control to produce the best product a candle lover can buy. A $20 Mia Bella’s candle is often better than candles that cost $50 or more. Mia Bella’s consumers get full value for their dollars spent.

Above all, Mia Bella’s candles are made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients that offer consumers a high-end performing candle/melt but at an affordable cost.

What are our products made from?

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